Kodak Moments

I wonder how much it costs to install, run, and maintain temporary speed cameras which are used during road works.

It looks and seems to be quite a long and arduous task, and it is only necessary because the human race cannot be trusted to follow instruction and rules. If the money and labour was not spent on this, I wonder where else it would be used. Or, if the income generated from the cameras themselves overrides the original input, and in actual fact creates a profit of sorts, hence providing more money and labour for other tasks or projects which need work. I also wonder if then, that the cameras are not set up solely because we cannot be trusted, or to protect the lives and the safety of the road workers (as we are told), but in reality set up almost as a business venture to generate extra income? Therefore not only lining the pockets of various associated people, such as te DVLA, the Police and the government, but also acting as a multipurpose operation, working in alliance with the insurance companies (the more driving convictions one has, the higher the premium)? Or maybe it is just for our safety after all…


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